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Shoda routers are built to last for decades. At OBro, Inc., our reconditioning program adds additional life expectancy by addressing maintenance issues, normal wear and tear, and known potential issues that may not be presently apparent, but are likely to jeopardize production later on.

For rebuilt equipment with no hidden surprises, call our experts.



We have designed and built OBro's own 10-position tool changer able to retrofit onto Shoda routers with BT30 or BT40 manually loaded spindles. We'll analyze your Shoda's PLC for adequate performance, add manual ATC controls, modify the spindle, and rewrite ladder logic for fast and dependable output.

Tool-changer installation

  • Spindles

  • Slides

  • Ball screws

  • Way bearings

  • Inverters

  • Fanuc / electrical system

We address the following items:

Find the router that meets your production needs

Nearly all used machinery purchased at an auction, including routers, is sold with an "as-is" warranty. Essentially, you are purchasing the last owner's problems. After paying the machinery dealers the full payment price up front, you can face thousands in additional costs when the machine hits your plant floor. SFailing spindles, worn ball screws and broken parts can all be costly repairs.


OBro's reconditioned Shoda routers eliminate potential repair costs. We strip the router to the bone and rebuild it system by system, cleaning, repairing, or replacing the necessary components during the rebuild. With over 30 years of Shoda experience, we are able to anticipate and correct known issues before the problem occurs on your plant floor during production.


Our rebuilt Shodas are the best-conditioned routers in this age and price range. You won't find a better product for a better price in the country. However, if you buy a machine at auction, give us a call. We'll make sure your equipment performs the way you need it to.

What do you get when you purchase used equipment at an auction?

  • Oil mist

  • Grease system

  • Air system

  • Sensors

  • Wear items

  • Paint

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Best-conditioned routers in this age and price range