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We Specialize in Shoda Routers Service, Parts and Rebuilt Equipment.

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OBro's reconditioned Shoda routers eliminate potential repair costs. We strip the router to the bone and rebuild it system by system, cleaning ,repairing, or replacing components during the rebuild. By utilizing our years of Shoda experience, we can anticipate and correct issues before they occur, saving your plant floor time, money, and production. Our rebuilt Shodas are the best-conditioned routers in the country.


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  • Two BT30 15-HP 3000 to 18000 RPM Spindles

  • One 11-spindle Drill Bank

  • Two 10-pot OBro Tool Changers

  • New Hitachi Drives

  • Updated PLC

  • Two 102” by 63” Table Tops

  • New Table Ball Screw

  • Reloaded Gantry and Z Ball Screws

  • Compete Refurbishment Of All Machine Systems


Call for more information or to discuss a head configuration that would work for you.

Refurbished Shoda NC516P Pallet Changer

Supplying quality, rebuilt equipment for your production needs

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