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Simply replacing bearings in the field is inadequate for resolving noise or vibration issues

caused by worn bearing housings, worn shaft journals, unbalanced shafts or improperly

preloaded bearings. To get your spindle running like new, call the professionals at OBro Inc.

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Each shaft is balanced several times during assembly using a Schenk computerized hard-roller balancer to eliminate vibration. We maintain a stock of inner and outer rings, nuts, caps and labyrinths for quick repairs.

Dedicated to precision

  • Shoda Routers

  • Heian Routers

  • Andersen Routers

  • Fadal Spindles

  • HSD Spindles

  • Columbo Spindles

Common Spindles

At OBro Inc., we provide fast rebuild times at very competitive pricing. We work closely with experienced local small businesses for quality chroming, stator rewinds and motor lead repairs while our in-house staff handles analysis, balancing, assembly and testing.

Timely repairs at a competitive price

Prompt spindle repairs